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6th Workshop of Italian Geoparks
"Enjoy the Geology! Enjology? Geodiversity and typical food and wine"

Apuan Alps (Italy), 3rd-6th June 2014

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The 6th Workshop has shown some interesting initiatives of the Italian territory about conservation and promotion field of the typical agro-food products; this by using the geological interpretation and/or specific features of the Geoparks. Several contributions have shared some working guidelines, which can be considered an acquired result of the Workshop.
First, Geology must be considered as one of the "ingredients" of the agro-food products and of the dishes of the Geoparks cooking. The Geology does not come after the conservation of the biodiversity, best practices and short supply chains, but it is situated alongside them as an added value brought by the Geopark experiences.
A second shared point is to go beyond the "local" or "traditional", intended as an unhistorical past. That is a perennial, apparent and non-existent identity, because it is a motionless and unchanging condition.
The Geoparks task is to close with this oleographic, folkloric and crystallized concept of "traditional", rather to promote the agricultural product innovation and cooking creativity.
Therefore we have to follow this sign of good culture and cultivation, away from empirical practices. We must also apply a proper testing, always supporting the use of local products, including newly introduced or selected ones.
Geoparks task is also to prepare their territories to climate change effects, because they are possible spaces for pilot experiments to find the best solutions about different environmental conditions preserved, with a focus on the geological backgrounds and landforms.
The workshop has also offered moments of reflection and some not yet fully shared proposals, that have to be studied in depth.
The reference regards a possible inclusion of soils in a special category of geosites, as well as some aspects of agricultural terracing, where special rock outcrops have been integrated by human works or characterised by archaeological evidence of quarrying activities or forms of human settlement.



Carried programme

tuesday 3rd june

20.00: welcome dinner in the restaurant “La Ceragetta” in Capanne di Careggine
21.00: conversation with
Urano Cupisti and Lamberto Tosi: “Discovering the Apuan Wine

wednesday 4th june

Opening of Workshop: Mont’Alfonso Fortress in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana
8.30: participant registration
9.00: welcome address
9.30-13.30: keynotes on the main Workshop theme by:

Alessia Amorfini, “The agro-geological landscape of the terracing between abandoned fields and hydrogeological instability"

Carla Scotti,Geology, soils and wine
Gigi Musi, Food production from macro to micro
Edoardo Dellarole, "
Tradition, innovation and identity: the territory and its products between conservation and developmet"
Pasquale Li Puma, “Conservation and promotion of the agro-biodiversity in the geo-agronomic landscape of the Madonie Geopark

Anna Paganoni, “Underfood: exhibition, educational activities and the itineraries dedicated to rock, soil and air
Antonio Bartelletti, “Bosa di Careggine: field experience aimed at a Geopark Farm model”

Guided tour: Bosa di Careggine, Geopark Farm

15.00-18.00: geo-biodiversity path and Museum of yesterday’s and today’s fauna

18.00-19.00: cooking jester with Giancarlo Bloise in “Cucinar Ramingo”, musical introduction by “Duo di Bosa”

19.00-21.00: guided tasting: "from the bread route to the wine route..."; Enjology: new Apuan wine; Apuan Geo-soupe
21.00: return to Castelnuovo di Garfagnana

thursday 5th june

Train Ride Field Trip: from Castelnuovo di Garfagnana to Equi Terme

9.00-10.00: Giuseppe Ottria,Geological itinerary through Garfagnana and Lunigiana

10.30-13.00: visit to ApuanGeoLab and Karst-Paleontological System of Equi Terme


Closing of Workshop: Albergo delle Terme in Equi
15.00: welcome address
15.30-18.00: speeches by aspiring Geoparks representatives regarding their application:

Stefano Cresta, “Neroniade: the story of a sea that becomes a mountain”

Riccardo Ravalli, A journey into the geological, environmental and cultural heritage of the Karst aspiring Geopark:

          the future in a land finally without borders

Giuseppe Travia, Lucilla Monti, Ciro Cenatiempo, “Isola d'Ischia aspiring Geopark: geological and cultural assets,

          food and local identity”

Francesco Colosimo, Ezio Infelise, “Sila of Calabria aspiring Geopark”
Giacomo Camozzini, Stefano Turi, "Northern Grigna and Valsassina aspiring geopark"

18.00: return to Castelnuovo di Garfagnana

friday 6th june



Across the Apuan Alps: from Garfagnana to Alta Versilia
8.30-9.30: Giuseppe Ottria: Tuscan Nappe and tectonic window

Corchia System Field Trip (first part): Levigliani of Stazzema

9.30-13.30: guided tour to the tourist path of "Antro del Corchia" karst complex  

Hotel restaurant "Raffaello"

15.00-15:20: Habib Aljan, "The geological and cultural heritage of Tataouine region (Tunisia)"

Corchia System Field Trip (second part)

15.30-17.30: guided tour to "Argento vivo" (mercury) mines

18.00: return to Castelnuovo di Garfagnana


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Inscription and registration

1. deadline for registration: 31st May 2014 send registration to the email address: info@parcapuane.it

registration fee at the workshop includes: lunch, dinner, internal transfers, museum tickets, theatre performance on 4th and 5th June 2014.

3. registration fee
at the field trip includes: lunch, internal transfer, Corchia system ticket on 6th June 2014.



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