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Apuan Alps: UGGp and Regional Park


The trip is like a "discovery of the Earth", to enjoy the beauties of nature and understand the geological history of the visited places. The Apuan Alps offer unusual and fascinating natural features.
Any geological argument may be the opportunity for a trip...


apuan alps geotrails

1 - Antro del Corchia karst complex (tourist route)

2 - Giants' pot-holes of Mt. Sumbra

3 - Historical quarries of Bardiglio Cappella


panoramic views

1 - Apuan Alps tectonic window (geological interpretation)

4 - Glacial geomorphosites of Campocatino

5 - Epigean karst landscape of Carcaraia

6 - Grotta del Vento (Wind Cave) (tourist route)

7 - Buca e Tecchia d'Equi karst complex (tourist route)

apuan geotrails 

panoramic views

visitor centres

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ctt-massa carrara
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