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34th EGN Coordination Committee Meeting

Wernigerode (Germany), 2nd-5th September 2014

The 34th Coordination Committee of the European Geoparks Network has acknowledged the impossibility the Global Geoparks Network to be a partner of UNESCO, because the Network itself is today without a real and definite legal form. By unanimous vote, the delegates approved a resolution in favor of the transformation of the Global Network in a non-profit association. The statute and the governing bodies will allow the new GGN to operate as the primary partner of the future UNESCO initiative/program on Geoparks, if desired final approval of this development of strategic action for preservation and enhancement of the geological heritage on a global scale. The rules of operation and organization are still to be defined, although it is conceivable that - along the lines of other initiatives and programs - the National Committees within UNESCO assume a leadership role not only limited to the presentation of new nominations. The hope of all is that, in the future, a formal correspondence between the National Committees and the National Fora of the GGN member countries can be established.
Even during the current phase of transition, the EGN Coordination Committee considered appropriate to continue the publication of the annual number of the EGN Magazine, the update of the EGN Newsletter, the printing of the second edition of EGN Book and the participation in international tourism fairs.
At the 34th Coordination Committee, the Apuan Alps Geopark was represented by Alessia Amorfini (Geopark manager) and Giuseppe Ottria (Commission of scientific management). The Delegation also attended the session of the Working Group “Use of waste material from legal mining/quarrying”. The catalyst of the group, Tony Ramsay, said he was pleased to have practically defined all aspects of the activities related to the processing of waste materials in ornamental objects. The purpose of these rules is to promote the small craft activities that traditionally take place in the territories of Geoparks to add another element of sustainable micro-economy. The experience of the Apuan Alps Geopark to develop the "short chain", to obtain art objects with high added value from waste of marble quarrying, has made an important contribution to the discussion. In the final version of the rules of use of waste material, the absolute incompatibility between GGN membership and the sale of minerals, fossils and rocks will once again affirmed.





photogallery of the meeting