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9th European Geoparks Conference

Lesvos Island (Greece), 1st-5th October 2010


First official exit of the Park of the Apuan Alps out of the national boundaries, to illustrate to the world of the Geoparks and therefore sustaining its own candidacy to the European and Global Network that - in the last decade - has been developed under the auspices of Unesco. The international Conference was held in Lesvos island, Greece, with the participation of not only European delegations, but also of a consistent number of Asian Geoparks (China, Japan, Korea and Malesia) and some analogous American realities (Brazil and Canada). The initiative was articulated in three dense days of scientific communications, illustrations of experiences, official ceremonies, to worthily celebrate the ten years of innovative activity in the conservation and cultural and tourist promotion of the European Geoparks. This first part of the Conference was held in the city of Mytilene; then the initiative has proposed two following days of excursions and guided tours to the Petrified Forest Geopark and to other places of geologic and cultural interest in the Lesvos Island. The presentation of the candidacy, in the section "Aspiring Geoparks" of the Conference, was submitted by dr. Giuseppe Ottria, in his double function of C.N.R. geologist and member in the Board of directors of Apuan Alps Park. Also Dr. Alessia Amorfini, head of "Research and conservation" Service, and dr. Antonio Bartelletti, Parks's director, have collaborated on the paper. Mr. Giuseppe Nardini, Park's president, who completed the official delegation, was able to directly touch the high-level activities developed by the European and Global Geoparks Network.  







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abstract of contribution from Apuan Alps Regional Park