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Towards Apuan Alps Geopark
panel discussion on an idea of "protected area" for the years to come

Seravezza (Italy), 10th April 2010




Initiative inserted in the program of the Park's 25'th anniversary, to support of the candidacy of the Apuan Alps Park to the European and Global Geoparks Networks. The occasion has been the public presentation and the free distribution to the participants of the papers of the conference "The Apuan Alps' geodiversity". The volume, edited from Pacini in Pisa, picks up important scientific and popular contributions, that intend to document the unbelievable variety show and value of the geologic patrimony of the territory proposed as Geopark. 

The program of the day has proposed opening intervention of the President of the Park, Giuseppe Nardini, of the President of the Community of the Park, Michael Silicani, as well as of the Mayor of Seravezza, Ettore Neri. Antonio Bartelletti, Director of the Park, has introduced the papers of the conference about the Park's geodiversity, while responsible of the Conservation Service of the Park, Alessia Amorfini, has illustrated the undertook actions used for compiling and to deliver the dossier of candidacy. 

External experts have intervened to the round table for enriching of contributions and better informing on the value and on the meaning of this international recognition. Maurizio Burlando, national coordinator of the italian Geoparks, has explained the operation and the promotional opportunities offered by the European and world net. To follow, Luciano Bonci and Maria Cristina Giovagnoli (ISPRA), have had the opportunity of deepening the knowledges on the census and on the national repertoire of the geositis, that constitute fundamental tools to appraise and to protect the Italian geodiversity. 

In the end, Giuseppe Ottria, from the institute of Geological science and resources of the CNR, has proposed the closing intervention about Apuan Alps as possible extraordinary field of investigation and scientific popularization, in the specific one of the geology. 








The round table is developed in the elegant spaces of the room lectures of the "Stalle granducali" in Medici's Building of Seravezza. 
In the photo, dr. Alessia Amorfini - organizer of the event - during the initial phase of verification and control of the technical equipments


The table of the presidency of the round table during opening interventions of the authorities. from sx to dx: the director of the Park, dr. Antonio Bartelletti, with functions of moderator; the president of the Park, Joseph Nardini; the mayor of Seravezza, Ettore Neri; the president of the Community of the Park, Michele Silicani. 


The Park's director, Bartelletti, while introducing the papers of the conference of studies from the title "The Apuan Alps' geodiversity", that has given beginning to the following interventions.


A moment of the exposure of the dr. Maurizio Burlando - national coordinator of the Italian Geoparks - that has explained the value and the meaning of the European and world Net that works under the auspices of Unesco.


The contribution of the Coordinator of "Research and conservation" Park's Service, Alessia Amorfini, incentrated on all the initiatives of the present and the next future, that will accompany the presentation of the dossier of candidacy to the European and Global Geoparks Network. 


The share of the public to the panel discussion results worthy of relief, to testimony of the turned local interest toward the initiative of adhesion to the EGN and GGN.


Among the external experts to the corporate body Park, the presence of Cristina Giovagnoli and Luciano Bonci of the ISPRA is signalled (Superior Institute of Protection and Environmental Research), that have detailed the project of census and the national repertoire of the geosites. 


Dr. Giuseppe Ottria, from Institute of Geological science and resources of CNR, draws the Apuan Alps as a great opportunity for the research and scientific popularization. 


The students of the "Guglielmo Marconi" Institute of Seravezza, with their teacher prof. Spadaro, that has developed the service of reception and prepared the coffee break. 


Mr. Giuseppe Nardini, Park's president, during the television interview in the garden of the "Villa Medicea" in Seravezza. 


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