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10th European Geoparks Conference

Langesund (Norway), 15th-21st September 2011



The E.G.N. Conference in Lagesund, held in Gea Norvegica Geopark, marked the accession of the Regional Park of the Apuan Alps to the European Geoparks Network. This status will be valid for four years, from 2011 to 2015. The aknowledgement has encouraged the Apuan territory to achieve the goals set by the Geopark Global Network (G.G.N.).
The Apuan Alps has obtained the membership status together with the following parks: Honk Kong Geopark (China), Tianzhushan G. (China), Bauges G. (France), Katla G. (Island), Burren abd Cliffs of Mother G. (Ireland), Muroto G. (Japan), Sierra Norte di Siviglia G. (Spain), Villuercas Ibores Jara G. (Spain). With the above mentioned admissions, the G.G.N. comprises 87 Geoparks spread over 27 countries, whereas the E.G.N. is constituted by 49 Geoparks situated in 16 countries.

The Park participation in the Conference has been marked by the awarding of the membership status. This is a unique and matchless event, which can be considered "historical" in the twenty-five-year life of the protected area.
The delegation of the Park, which was well represented, underlined their continuous interest in the E.G.N. - G.G.N., operating under the auspices of Unesco. The delegation comprised the president of the Park, Giuseppe Nardini, and its vice president Alberto Putamorsi, along with two representatives of the administration sector: the delegate to the Geopark, Franco Pucci, and Giuseppe Ottria, in his double hat of councillor and scientific expert. The technical sector of the Park was represented by Antonio Bartelletti, director of the Park and responsible for its management, and Alessia Amorfini, geologist and coordinator of the office for geoconservation.
However, the contribution of the Park to the Lagesund Conference was not limited to an official ceremonial visit. As a matter of fact, the second day of the Conference saw the presentation of a speech entitled "Enhancing geological heritage in the Apuan Alps aspiring geopark (Italy)", written by Alessia Amorfini, Antonio Bartelletti and Giuseppe Ottria.  
280 people, representing more than thirty countries, participated in the 10th E.G.N. Conference in Lagesund. The main topic of the Conference, "Sustainability through Knowledge - Communicating Geoparks", received remarkable inputs.  
The conference lasted for three days, followed by other two days of hiking trips and guided tours inside Gea
Norvegica Geopark.








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abstract of contribution from Apuan Alps Regional Park