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Apuan Alps' geosites
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no. list geosite   no. list geosite
1 Apuan tectonic window   119 Gobbie pre-würmian “moraine”
4 Corchia Hercynian unconformity   130 Vetricia’s karren field
24-27 Procinto’s crags and aiguilles   135 Carcaraia’s doline field
33-36, 51 Pisanino’s ridges   147-148, 160-161 dolines on Garfagnana plateaux
50 Forato’s natural arch   162 Buca e Tecchia d’Equi’s karst complex
52, 73 Pizzo d’Uccello northern side   175 Abisso Roversi’s cave
55, 118 Solco d’Equi’s fluvio-glacial fissure   194 Antro Corchia’s karst Complex
66-67, 72 Gorfigliano fluvio-glacial plane   198 Tana che Urla (“Vallisneri’s cave”)
69-70 pot-holes of Anguillaja and Fatonero’s ditches   199 Grotta all’Onda’s karst cave
71, 101-102 Orto di Donna-Serenaia’s glacial valley   208 Frigido’s karst spring
79, 188 Sumbra’s glacial cirques and karst landforms   236 Levigliani’s mine (Hg)
92, 110-112 Campocatino’s moraine ridges and glacial hollow   238 Buca della Vena’s mine (Fe-Ba)
93, 251 Fociomboli’s glacial hollow and bog   242-244 Valle Buona’s mines (Pb-Zn-Ag)
98, 150 Passo Sella’s glacial saddle and dolines   247 fossils in marble banks in Foce di Pianza
115 Stoppani’s “moraine” in Campagrina   253 Alto Matanna’s “red ammonitiferous limestone”

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update 26th November 2010

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